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Business communications strategies
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Obviously, it’s one thing to run a business and another, to make it successful. Why things happen this way, remains the question on the lips of many. Meanwhile, it is often said, “Information is power, information rules the word”. Meaning that the information you have can be filtered, processed, analyzed, used or followed up for further actions. At the same time, one may have useful information but may not make good use of it, what a world!

However, information can be described as something which can give knowledge in form of facts, (LDOCE). Information is said to be a two-way traffic involving two mediums; the giver and the receiver of the information.  We communicate information by: word of mouth, writing, posters, signs, electronic media, radio, TV and technology, computer, internet, website, (Newsletters, mail marketing), among others.

The information we pass on include: family messages, business messages, news and ideas of all types; marketing opportunities, adverts, transactions of all kinds, outcomes of meetings and conferences, among others, and can take place at home, on the road, market place, online and anywhere available. Information can also be given at any time, (24/7), or at a specific time, as information delayed can be costly and may have dangerous effects.

On the other hand, business communication is all about passing on business information from one person to another or from groups of persons to others; or from one medium to another, for instance a customer, larger markets, organizations, or governments, who need such ideas.

Business communications strategy is about making the right choice of marketing your product or service through any of the mediums described above. Communications skills have gone beyond all geographical boundaries with the help of technology, computers, satellites, phones, various Apps, among others, and we must update our businesses alongside latest developments in order to fit in and succeed in a dynamic business world.

To produce the desired effect, business communication must be clear, simple, correct, understandable, timely, catchy (in terms of visuals, images), appealing, and to the point. Business terms must be well spelt out as regards agreements.

Right business communications strategies will enable the desiring world to be informed about our products and also patronize us. If one has a beautiful product and locks it inside the cupboard, it will rust and die unnoticed in the closet, like the would have been hero that died unsung, because he never manifested his talents while alive, but those close to him attested to his untapped potentials.

Similarly, the manner of presentation and ability to convince or drive home the needed message are boosters to any business. As developments occur in almost every facet of life across technology, medics, internet, manufacturing, production, business communications methods are also evolving alongside. The implication is that we need to discover the right strategies that are relevant to our businesses and which will yield the right returns, as we can’t afford to be everywhere or do everything everyone is doing, without knowing why. We need to make calculable good business decisions so we can succeed. Business communications decisions should bother on relevant medium, right audience, right timing, right location, considerable price, right returns on investment, right value and delight, with acceptable global best practices.

Nevertheless, not all expensive materials have the best qualities or produce the best results, and sometimes the least priced may not have the poorest quality or bring about the least result. But we must identify our levels in business and make the right communications choices to grow; what works for one may not work for another, and your best might not be someone else’s best; so be wise in your choice. The same strategy goes for life and lifestyle. Perhaps you never knew about some of these details before today, but now you know and it’s up to you to make the best of choices; show the market what you have through the relevant communication medium (s), in order to grow your business. The time to think and act is now; these are life and business essentials, so let’s keep thinking clearly. Thank you for reading and do have a beautiful day!

Your suggestions, comments or contributions are highly appreciated.

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Best Business Communications Strategies for Growth

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