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Between the brand and the logo, what’s in a name? It’s a known fact that every product has its make up or things for which it is specially known. For instance, quality, packaging, value derived   from use,durability when used by customers, low maintenance costs, among others. Some of these factors may inform a person’s choice of purchase. When these qualities are present in the products of organizations, they become strong points or unique selling points for the organizations. On the other hand, for organizations which offer services, their strong points become the outstanding quality services which they offer and which make them stand out from other groups which offer same services.

Organizations can therefore take pride in their outstanding qualities as very unique to them. Institutions could lift their heads high for their top grade academic feats, good character formation, highly skilled and employable students which they turnout, compared to other institutions of the same category. These qualities will make such institutions unique in the public eyes and may determine the choice of people for enrolment in such schools. As these values grow in the products or services of the companies or institutions, they become the brand for which they are known. Such outstanding qualities of the products or services make up the brand for the corporate bodies.

As clients experience the high value of the product, organizations or institutions can then take pride in producing such quality products and can do everything possible to protect their products or image from being adulterated, faked, copied or stolen.  Established brands can come from various industries: cars, electronics, household utensils, consumables, beverages, stationeries, clothing, schools, and from all walks of life. However, it may be interesting to know that human beings also have their personal brands. For instance, different people are identified with different key lifestyles. Some have costly personal packaging or high class style, others have moderate, and to some others it’s low key.  Others may be known for high class fraud, telling lies or other vicious lifestyles, and as they perfect such acts, they become their unique or serial identities!

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Traditionally, it’s a common practice to see different markings or labels of various shapes, sizes, or writings on products, signposts of organizations and institutions. The marks appear in various artistic designs, colours, and sometimes with the Organization’s or institution’s name or even abbreviations inscribed as part of the design. Good money is spent on the artworks, as approved by the organization and registered with the copy rights commission to give ownership to the corporate owner. Thus, companies which have created such labels guide and protect them as their trade marks.

The images form marks of identification for organizations and institutions as they are displayed on the company’s products, signposts, billboards or material items of the owners. When we see such symbols we refer to them as logos of the different organizations or institutions. The approved organization’s logo becomes the image link to the brand. Thus, anywhere the logo is seen, the image brings to the mind the products, qualities and core values of the brand.

At this point, established brands can be proud to present their logos when referring to their products. When we see the various logos on various organizations’ products or material items, we have a mental image of the brands, companies or schools in our heads, this is called branding. The companies’ logos are not just symbols, they represent qualities and core values built over the years, but expressed in symbolic marks as corporate identity!

In summary, to the question, what’s in a name? My response is that there is so much in a name, individual, brand or logo. A good name is better than great riches. Rubbishing one’s name, brand or logo is as good as destroying that entity. Whilst the brand carries the organization’s values or reputation built over the years, the logo carries the image of what the brand stands for. A good company has its vision and objective translated into business mission, thereby creating values.

The confirmed product qualities or services become the organization’s brand seen across character, culture, and business values, for which the organization is known. So it is imperative organizations secure, guard their brand and logo once they are established, so they won’t be rubbished by anyone. It does not matter whether the chicken came first or the egg, (product, service or logo), the most important is that all speak of an organization’s values and represent its corporate image.

Likewise, our individual brands or core values also speak volumes about our lifestyles or personality. We must define and safeguard our brands or marks of identities, to avoid identity theft or mutilation. The time to think and act is now; these are life and business essentials, so let’s keep thinking clearly!

Thank you for reading and do have a beautiful day!

Between the brand, the logo and branding

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  1. Anywhere the logo is seen, the image brings to the mind the products, qualities and core values of the brand, and it speaks volumes of the company.

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