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Do you know that information rules the word and business information received can be filtered, processed, analysed, used or followed up for further actions?
Business communication is all about passing on business information from one person to another or from groups of persons to others; or from one medium to another. Information is said to be a two-way traffic because it involves the giver and the receiver of the information. Business information can be foran individual customer, larger markets, organizations, or governments, who need such ideas. Information we pass on include: business messages, news and ideas of all types; marketing opportunities, adverts, transactions of all kinds, outcomes of meetings and conferences to mention but a few. We communicate by: word of mouth, writing, posters, signs, and symbols; electronic media, radio, TV and technology- computer, internet, among others. Communication can be anywhere: in the home, on the road, market place, online and anywhere available. Information can also be given at any time, (24/7), or at a specific time, as information delayed can be costly and may have dangerous effects. Business communication is global, going beyond all geographical boundaries with the help of technology, computers, satellites, phones, various Apps to mention but a few, and we must update our businesses along the line so we can fit in and also succeed.

Business communication must be clear, simple, understandable, timely, correct, catchy, appealing, and to the point. Business terms must be well spelt out. For businesses to succeed, we must communicate to the world what businesses we have so they can patronize us. If one has a beautiful product and locks it inside the cupboard, it will rust and die unnoticed in the closet. Right business communication strategies employed will make a difference in the success of one’s business. Similarly, the manner of presentation, persuasion and ability to convince is a booster to any business. Overall, we must take a bold step, refine our business communication skills, and move away from known routine, so we can succeed. We are humans and must communicate or market our businesses wisely.

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    thank you for the above. It’s very interesting and to the point. I think anyone who wants to succeed in their every day endeavours can gain something from this.

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