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A lot of people are seeking to become entrepreneurs without knowing how, when and what to engage in. Most times people display enterprising qualities spontaneously without knowing what talents they have. This piece is therefore designed to awaken the enterprising abilities of such people. To be enterprising is all about being creative, taking initiative or showing one’s originality. Anyone who takes business initiatives is called an entrepreneur, a businessperson, or an industrialist, while the act of being one’s own boss or being in a private enterprise is referred to as entrepreneurship. For instance, one of my teenage friends, beautiful, highly intelligent and hardworking once told me, “Aunty, I don’t even know if I have a talent or not, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do”. The statement appeared funny at the time but it was a very strong confession coming from a teenager who needed help and guidance! Immediately, her case became a challenge to me as a coach.

I needed to counsel my friend in order to revive her confidence without her feeling discouraged. I also needed to monitor her mood and activities to find out what she was doing and enjoyed doing; what interested her; and how far she wanted to go with the things she enjoyed doing. As I interacted with my friend from time to time, I noticed she enjoyed telling stories without being tired. As she told her stories, she beamed with smiles, including using her hands to gesticulate, although she enjoyed cooking, not dish washing or babysitting! I then asked my friend to write some of the stories she told me and she successfully did! However, having established the hidden skills of my younger friend, it became easy for me to counsel her and to do a follow up on her. I had discovered her strengths and weaknesses, next was to help her be the best she wanted for herself, family and humanity. It may interest you to know that my teenage friend is already a young adult and in her third year in the University, pursuing her dream goal and also organizes events and sings at her friends’ events.  In the same vein, you can look within you to discover your strengths and weaknesses or seek help from a career coach. You can write out your visions for life and ask yourself the following questions: Why do I like this vision? Who is interested in this vision? What are the things I need to actualize this vision: core skills, talents, experience, education, finance? Where would this vision take me to? When am I likely to achieve this goal? How can I achieve my vision?

In conclusion, there is creative ability in everyone: kids, teenagers, adults, men and women. No human being was created without a talent or gift! Ordinarily one will be afraid to jump from a loft, but in an emergency, one could jump the same height for dear life thereby releasing the potential or hidden energy! In the same way, we must be able to reassess ourselves, discover, and release our hidden potentials. But you have to be convinced on why you want to take up the task, may be to save lives, for charity, to fill up a need, as a passion, business and money yielding; image boosting, but not because everyone else is doing it; you may not have the finance, patience or knowledge of everyone else! You only need to ask the right questions from experienced people, decide, prepare, pray and hit the ground with your ideas. The world may be waiting for you to manifest as a world class entrepreneur, who knows? The time to think and act is now; these are life and business essentials, so let’s keep thinking clearly. Do have a beautiful day!

Thank you for your interest!

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  1. Hi Pat,

    Very inspiring article, makes you think that we all have talents and huge potential, and it only takes the right person to coach us and encourage us to bring these hidden talents out! You always inspire people to believe in themselves and you are definitely the right person to help them go after their dreams! I am sure that this website will prove the same. Keep up the good work!


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