Handiwork: “This Society is My Problem”

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Many times people who are naturally talented in various skills find it difficult and confused actualizing such dreams. At other times, some people know exactly what to do but lack the confidence to launch into their visions. This article therefore examines the circumstances which hinder some people with various skills from accomplishing their dreams. Apart, the article also proffers solutions for such people on how to break free from any situation hindering them from achieving their dream crafts.

The word handiwork can be described as a craft, skill, talent and gift, among other meanings. These may be endowed in a person from birth or acquired over a time. Couple of days ago, I met a teenager with a mind bugling need. He was disturbed over parents’ decision regarding his education and career. They wanted him to go through the dad’s choice of education and discipline so he could understudy dad in his office and perhaps be a sound replacement for dad on retirement or after the eternal home call. Unfortunately, my teenager was nursing his own idea of going to school but in a different field other than dad’s choice, hoping to launch into his talented field even though a profession considered “low-slung” and “not dignifying enough” for whose child he was, according to the society’s standard. The argument dragged to a point of either doing the parents’ wish, or no payment of school fees, be disowned by the parents and finally be left to struggle or suffer. It was at this point that my friend contacted me. He opened up to me on what has made him unhappy. He did not see the reason why his parents should not take his choice and why some family members and friends were taking sides with his parents. It was then he told me, “This society is my problem”. He wondered why the society would not allow him go to school, study a course of his choice, launch into his talents afterwards but simply because according to the society, some courses are not dignifying enough for a particular dad or family, when they would not contribute to his schools fees or wellbeing?

Meanwhile, I listened to my friend to find out if there were issues of value, compatibility, moral, legal or accomplishment but there was none. I tried to find out what made a particular profession more dignifying than the other, what determined a better profession, who determined a better profession and why disregard a profession. It all pointed to the society, meaning the society was responsible for all. That means my friend was right to say, “This society is my problem”. I tried to look at the various professions, passions, needs, happiness, actualization, fulfilment, money and fame to mention but a few. I also considered the society and the activities of man. I discovered that some professions give big names but not big money, while some “low-slung” ones give good money but not big names. I also remembered that some people who went in for some acclaimed “dignifying courses” have since left such roles for the “not so dignifying” roles in search of money, quest for some form of personal actualization, passion, fame and title; while those in the previously considered “low jobs” are becoming the source of envy for others, for the same reasons. We can now see people of various professions intermingling in the fields of politics, music, entertainment, drama, journalism, mass media, chieftaincy and traditional ruler-ship, to mention but a few, apart from the core medical sciences, legal, technical or engineering which are restricted to the fields.

In summary, my teenage friend was advised to follow the parents’ decision as long as he was still underage and in parents’ care. He needed to pay his school fees rather than be a drop out of school. He should get the certificate and hand it over to the parents to avoid unnecessary friction; he may later in life like the discipline, who knows? In a worst case scenario, he could venture into his passion afterwards, when he would have been fully matured to take his own decisions, even though he may have been delayed. No one knows where the real destiny is, until one makes attempts, even repeated attempts. And to the society, it’s a high time we reviewed our thoughts, standards and actions. We should learn to help the vulnerable in the society, rather than push them away with our comparisons or unrealistic standards; these could be dangerous for everybody. Every course, talent or skill is good but the difference is in creativity, innovativeness, and degree of hard work, smartness, determination, commitment, time investment and providence. The time to think is now; these are life and business essentials, so let’s keep thinking clearly!
Thank you for reading and do have a beautiful day!

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Handiwork: “This Society is My Problem”

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