Innovations and New Reward System for Civil Servants-HOS

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Keeping up with innovations in the civil service, the Head of Service (HOS) Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita has disclosed that the Federal Government would introduce a new reward system for civil servants.


According to Mrs Oyo-Ita, the new reward system would be operated under the caption “Entrepreneurship Development and Commercial Orientation Strategy” and would be designed to help grow government’s revenue.

Mrs Oyo-Ita explained on Saturday that the orientation strategy when implemented would encourage civil servants to put in their best in service.

Before this time, promotion of staff in the civil service was determined majorly by one’s academic qualifications and the number of years one has served in the civil service.

The HOS however, was optimistic that the system would soon change, with the Federal Government’s plan to introduce a new reward system which would promote innovation in the civil service.

The Head of Service of the federation believed that besides the rewards, the new strategy when implemented would also encourage civil servants to put in their best in Service. It is believed that there are more than 90,000 federal civil servants in Nigeria, and no doubt, a great manpower capacity and good advantage for the government to drive its policies and also grow the economy, (nta,

From our side, we can only say, a good step in the right direction, as innovation and enterprise can help to sustain any system in a dynamic business world such as ours, and only those who do not take innovative upgrading seriously will lag behind in a globally competitive economy. We therefore look forward to the implementation of this laudable project which is expected to bring about positive transformation in the civil service. The time to think and act is now; these are life and business essentials, so let’s keep thinking clearly! Thank you for reading and do have a beautiful day

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Innovations and New Reward System for Civil Servants-HOS

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